Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Is Carol still around?  Does she still have Fibro?  Where has she been?

Yes, I'm still here.  Just a few months and I'll have my 74th birthday so I've been around a long time.  Do I still have Fibro?  Wish I could say "no" but I'd be fibbing.  Where has she been?  I've been up and down, happy and depressed, in pain and not in pain.  Fibro Fog and a clear mind.  It never ends.  The rust in the golden years hasn't been fun but I'm working hard on a new attitude and to be a messenger of hope once again.

"Hope"... what is it?  With Fibromyalgia, it's hoping to find solutions that work for me and others and sharing them.  I've lived with this foe or friend (depends on the hour) for over 30 some years.  I've tried a lot of things and still trying.

One of the best is stretching.  I fail in that as exercise just doesn't ring my bell when hurting.  But, once again, I'm going to start on a daily basis.  Another good exercise for the mind and the body is walking.  It's spring so I am going to try to walk several days a week, starting small and working up.  By small I mean a few minutes (maybe only 5.. my body will let me know).

I plan to get back into eating healthy foods and let the sugars, starches, etc stay out of my vision.  I know they create more pain and that is something I can control.

"Hope" is praying that there will be gains in the medical fields to help us.  More understanding, more caring and more hope and encouragement.

"Hope" is finding more each day to fill our minds with positive things so we can work on controlling our pain.  Hobbies are great.  Mine is knitting.  What's yours?  With knitting I find I get really stiff if I sit and knit too long, so I'm hoping I can remember to take breaks more often.  

"Hope" is remembering that one of the things that help me the most is deep breathing on and on throughout the day.  4-5 deep breath's in and 4-5 deep breath's out.  What an awesome muscle relaxer and in turn helps the pain.

Have a wonderful spring and summer.  Keep "Hope" as a priority in your day.  I sure will be!