Friday, October 23, 2009

Stretch Stretch Stretch

Happy Fall to you all.

Stretching is a key to relieving pain of Fibromyalgia.

The muscles shorten when tight with pain, stretching lengthens them, relieving that pain. Stretching makes us more flexible which helps when doing chores around the home. Stretching can be fun and easy to do but there are some rules. Don't overstretch, start slowly working up to more stretches.

Put "Fibromyalgia Stretching" into Google and you will find lots of good links for stretching.

Now... I'm off to find some good stretching exercises for me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where have I been?

Where have I been? Have you ever heard of a Fibro Cave or Arthritis Cave or any other cave? I crawled in and hibernated for a while. I bet you have all done that at one time or another. Your pain, FATIGUE, etc takes over and you don't want to do anything extra. Every thing is an effort. If you haven't been there, I'm glad. It's not fun.

We have had a wonderful summer here and now are coming into the cold Fall nights. The tree's are turning colors and leaves are beginning to fall. It's a beautiful time of the year in the Pacific Northwest. We have 4 definite seasons, my favorites are fall and spring. Not much of a winter person. Summer is great but requires so much work to keep up with the flowers and yard as I love lots of color around.

Have a wonderful day..... (Oh, the picture is of my little guy, Sparky)