Saturday, September 18, 2010

I was just thinking about "To Do Lists" which are tiring and overwhelming for most of us with Fibromyalgia.  

Let's make "My Accomplishments Today" list and list the things you have accomplished during the day. At the end of the day our list will make us feel good....


To Do:
  • Vacumn
  • Clean bathroom 
  • Do Washing 
  • Plan and cook meals 
  • Do Dishes

I Accomplished:
  • made bed
  • Got dressed
  • Straightened Counter Top and cleaned toilet in Bathroom, cleaned sink
  • made breakfast
  • put dishes in dish washer
  • vacuumed one room (do the rest off and on during the week)
  • Fixed Lunch
  • Put Dishes in Dishwasher
  • Washed & dried whites from the dirty clothes basket.
  • Folded and hung clothes
  • Fixed dinner (hubby put dishes into dishwasher, started dishwasher)
  • Played on computer and watched TV

Wow, what a different way of looking at what we can accomplish in a day.. The second list would make me feel really good as any accomplishment we can achieve in a day makes this Fibro World a much nicer one.

Too often we are beating up on ourselves about how little we got done due to the pain and fatigue of Fibro. Let's start turning it around and find ourselves much happier.
Hope you all like this idea, too.


Carmen C. said...

That's a wonderful idea Carol! Some days we go to bed thinking we have accomplished *nothing* all day when in reality we have:) Hope you are enjoying the weekend:)

Anonymous said...

I have just discovered your blog while looking for an answer to whether this fibro lark ever ends. Seems it doesn't.
But your blog has a real sense of hope to it, that as I finally fight my way out of one hell of a flare is truly inspiring.
I have developed serious hypertension as a nice little extra to the fibro. It seems common. Have you come across it before?
God bless

Carol said...

Hi Mum6kids,

Many people with Fibro have other existing diseases (arthritis, etc).

I'm not sure hypertension goes with the fibro but the extra weight many of us have accumulated from the medications and lack of exercise could cause it.

I am fighting serious high blood pressure at this time. I don't feel it is the fibro as much as the weight.

Hope yours gets into control. said...

Hallo Carol,
this is a great idea !
I have always negative feelings if my works can´t completetd. I will write all that things down that i CAN do and then i will look forward.

kind regards

PS: sry for my broken english^^

Prayer Warrior said...

Carol, what an encouraging list for those of us who not only deal with the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia, but the discouragement! I was so happy to have found this blog of yours and intend to be a regular follower!


Anonymous said...

What a difference a change in attitude can make. Just when a person thinks they haven't done anything they discover they've accomplished a lot, even if it wasn't on a list!Keep up the good work Carol.

cooknwoman said...

This is a GREAT New Years resolution idea! I write myself "to do's" all the time but rarely complete them – leaving me feeling not so good. I do scratch off things that I’ve completed but never really thought about writing a “done” list of chores I’ve completed.

Now, as for me – I know I’ll need to write 2 lists because I tend to get carried away so list #1 will be everything I think to do and list #2 will be things I think I would like to get done on a particular day – this way I don’t get myself all flustered up and just say the heck with it LOL!

Thanks for the great idea Carol – praying you have a pain free day!