Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Exercise Balls and Fibro

I'd like to share a link of one of my followers, today. Her blog explains it well.

Country Whispers


Carmen C. said...

Hi Carol, I'm gonna dig my ball out and give it a try again:) I was wondering if I could ask you a question? I recentley had an eye exam and got some not too cheap glasses with progressive lenses, he checked my eyes twice and I can not wear them! I can see better without them and he insists I just need to get used to them, but I can't! Have you ever heard of eye problems like this being related to fibro at all? When I put them on my vision is worse so I don't wear them!

Carol said...

Yes, Carmen, I believe it does affect vision. Put this in Goggle Search and there are articles there you can read about it.

Does fibromyalgia affect your vision?

Carmen C. said...

Thanks Carol, I had no idea eye problems were that common! Also saw you can have dizziness which I have also. What a bummer fibro can be:( Hope you have a great weekend:)