Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well, I did it....

I overdid in spite of taking breaks. I bought over 2 dozen trays (some single, some quads) of plants along with the two cherry tomato plants I buy each yer. All but 4 trays have been planted. I need to "tie" my daffodils first and then plant my impatient's around my tree and and in the large barrel by the street.

I also dumped old pots with good potting soil into the wheelbarrow and recycled the pots into the recycle can. Why do we hang on to stuff like this?

I was hurting and sore last night, in spite of a couple of pain pills during the day.

But it was so worth it. I love color. I'll be sharing some of my pictures as I go along.

I've found a patch that really seems to help the sore and knotted muscles that pulsate with pain from Fibromyalgia They are called "Salonpas" and are sold in quite a few stores (Safeway, Rite Aid, Walmart and more). They really help and are very reasonable in cost.


Carmen C. said...

Carol~ this time of year I always overdue things too, I'm sure your flowers will be beautiful though:)I've never heard of those patches I'll have to look for them. I use zostrix cream on my lower back and hips but I can't use it around my neck as the skin is more sensitive there. Thanks for sharing the tip and have a lovely day:)

Carol said...

Carmen, I haven't tried Zostrix cream but have tried several others that work. Avon has a great one called Celedren in a roll on or cream. I like the roll on.

Country Whispers said...

Sometimes it's hard not to overdo. As you said, you will be rewarded with their beauty.
I have seen those patches at the Walmart but have never tried them. I don't seem to be having any trouble right now with my Fibro but I will keep these in mind when it creeps back up on me.