Saturday, May 23, 2009

I know, I've been MIA lately. Why? Been busy working in my yard and letting some things go. The yard is getting caught up, the warm sun is getting my plants to grow and bloom and life is great. : )

You know that as you work, you think. I got to thinking about Fibromyalgia and the grief of finding out you have this weird disease or syndrome, whatever you want to call it.

We GRIEVE our past life when we could do so many things in one day. We grieve for the body that wasn't sore and hurting so much of the time. We grieve for days without pain.

It's good to grieve but life goes on and one day we need to ACCEPT who we are and how we are at this moment. The old "us" is gone but we can, even now, CELEBRATE the days as they come. There are still LOTS of things we CAN do.... there are NEW hobbies and FUN things to do that do not create more pain.

I have enjoyed so much this spring having my camera, getting a tripod to help steady the shaky hand. I have realized so much beautiful things around me that I never noticed before. The old saying "Stop and smell the Roses" is so true. The BLESSING of Fibro (bet you didn't think there are any) is that we have TIME to stop and smell the roses.

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Carmen C. said...

What a lovely post and your absolutely right! I need to start doing more of that, just trying to live in the moment:)