Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bright Lights

One of the things I've found is that when winter rolls around my spirits go down, down and down. Those gray days really get me. I bought a bright light last month and have been using it daily. It really does make a difference in my mood.

With Fibromyalgia we deal with depression due to the chronic pain and fatigue. Anything that might help us is worth a try.

It sits near my computer so as I am computering in the a.m., I turn it on. After a few minutes I don't even notice it. I usually keep it on at least 30 minutes a day and on some of the dark rainy days I've used it twice in the day.

There was an article in our newspaper which spoke highly of using them just a few days ago. Two doctors from our local hospital/clinic were interviewed.

By the way, the little guy in the picture came into the yard during the day a couple weeks ago. He got tired of me taking pictures of him pawing through the squirrel food and climbed the nearest tree... non the less.. A Holly tree. Bet he had second thoughts about it.


Carmen C. said...

Hi Carol! Is it a certain kind of light or just any bright lamp? Just wondering because I get the seasonal depression really bad. Cute raccoon, they sure can be sneaky pests though, lol!

Carol said...

Put "therapy lamps" in google. They are different than regular lights, much brighter. Mine is a Verilux. There are other brands.