Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm looking forward to the beginnings of Fall, not that I wouldn't liked to have summer much longer.  Our Falls in SW Washington State are beautiful with different colors.  Hope you are looking ahead, too.

Speaking of looking ahead....  Have you ever jumped into something not looking ahead as to what can happen?  I did a few months ago and joined Curves.  Oh yes.... pretended I didn't have fibro and arthritis and the 3rd time I went, I did it all (very foolishly) and paid very dearly from it...  I went into one of my worst fibro flares along with major arthritis aches and pains. My body was so mad, it decided to have a war, with fibro and arthritis hoping to be the winners as they fought within my body.

I didn't get back to Curves for about 3 weeks.  I planned ahead and thought about what I could do to not have this happen again.   I am going at my own pace doing 1 round of the machines instead of two.  The next week, I added 1 machine of the second round, then 2 and now I'm at 1 full round plus 3 machines.  No major problems and I'm enjoying what I am doing.  I do some of the stretches afterwards but not all of them.

Why oh why do we go through denial and try to be "normal" when we know we are not.  Accepting our conditions, our pain and planning ahead can make such a difference in our lives.   I have learned a valuable lesson. 

Stand back and look at your own life.  What can you do differently to make it a better one, as you cope with your pain.  Write down what you have been doing that might be attributed to overdoing, and next to it write your solution.  Then do it. 

May you have more pain free days as you plan ahead for them.

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