Saturday, March 14, 2009

Feet Hurt

Julie commented about her feet hurting. I understand ....

I have to wear sturdy shoes (no higher heels) with a good arch support or my feet hurt. Mine I think is from the arthritis and weight.

I don't believe there are tender points for fibro in the feet but I do think when we hurt we do not walk well ( that balance thing...staggering like a drunk without having a drink). Many times our posture is not good when we hurt and that affects the whole body if the back is not straight.

There are some good roll on's that help stop the pain. A favorite of mine is celedren from Avon Products. A menthal base and it really works for me on muscles and my feet.

Putting a water bottle into the freezer (not clear full of water, it will expand) and then rolling your feet over the frozen bottle helps.

Doing foot exercises help. Making the toes and feet in circles helps the ankle. There are more you can do. I'm sure if you put "foot exercises" into Google there will be links.

When our feet hurt we hurt all over even if someone doesn't have fibromyalgia. Hope these ideas work for you, Julie, and others who read this.

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God's Girl said...

Thanks for all the tips. I've tried some of them but I will continue to see what may work. Thank you again. You are an angel! : )