Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Irritable Bowel (sorry, but many fibromite's have this)

Irritable Bowel is not fun. You can be running to the potty one day and a few days later wishing you could. There can be a lot of pain in the gut.... I call it roto rootering going on inside my body.

When it happens to you, think about and note the following things:

1. What did you eat the last few meals? Anything different?

2. Have you drank more caffeine?

3. Have you eaten chocolate?

4. For some green salads or a mixture in a buffet can cause it... did you do that?

5. Spicy food? Oily or greasy food?

5. Were you stressed? Did you sleep well the night before? Did you take your medications without food and did you drink a full glass of water?

Jot down the date... the reactions you were having....and anything different from above. Track it for a month or so. Do you find a common thing happening? Could that be the cause? To find out, take it out of your diet or change your sleep patterns or do what it takes to get rid of the stress. Many times you cannot get rid of the "stressor" but you can do things to relax and distress.

Talk to your doctor about your results. There are medications that will help. Good luck

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