Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tennis Balls and Rice

What do tennis balls and rice have to do with Fibromyalgia? They both are tools that can help your pain.

Rice: Take a mens white tube sock and fill about 2/3 rds full of white rice. Sew across the top edge by machine or by hand. You can tie it if you do not have a way to sew it.

You then put it into the microwave starting for 2 minutes. No longer than 3 minutes. Do not get it real hot or you could get burned or even start a fire by it burning. If it is too warm for your skin, wrap a dishtowel around it. You then can lay or sit with it in the sore spots. This will start relaxing the muscles so you can use the tennis balls.
Note: You can substitue wheat, flax, corn (not popcorn), bird seed. You can also put herbs in it like lavender, mint leaves, spices, etc.

Tennis Balls: Buy a tube of tennis balls (they are not expensive), cut off a leg of pair of panty hose. Drop 2-3 balls down into the foot. Leave the leg long and tie just before the balls. You now can can toss these over your shoulder, stand up against a wall and massage the sore spots. Yes, it'll hurt but it will feel better when those muscles loosen. You can lay down on the floor and roll around on the balls where you are hurting.

Try it, you'll like what it does for you.

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