Monday, February 16, 2009

A New Week living with Fibromyalgia

The other day I talked about living in the day... not yesterday, not tomorrow. I hope you are thinking about this as it's a healthier way of life. Do today what will help you tomorrow, don't do what will make tomorrow a pain day... for instance.....

The sun is beginning to shine, the windows are dirty, the dust shows on the furniture, the spots show on the floor, the bathroom needs cleaning and the sheets need washing. Don't go crazy and try to do them all in one day.

I used to be able to clean my whole house in one day. I now can only do one or two "bigger jobs" in a day. The whole house is never "all done". This can be so frustrating and depressing if we let it be.

Let's tackle one room a day... if there is too much to do (windows, furniture polishing, vacumning, dusting, etc., etc) then take two or three days and finish one room at a time. Be pleased, be proud and stand tall. The results (without the pain) will make us feel much more positive and having accomplished something.

Get someone to come in and do the heavy work for you if you can afford it. Get more help from your family. Share duties with a husband, daughter, son, grandchild... important not to take advantage of them or EXPECT their help.

Pace yourself, remember the 20 minute timer?

If you combine house cleaning with some thing fun for you... like reading, painting, computer, soap opera, etc then you have breaks that allow the body to cope.

Keep moving... laying around won't help.

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Carmen said...

Thanks for all the helpful tips you give us, with a disorder like fibro, it's always nice to know your not alone! Have a lovely day!