Saturday, February 21, 2009

Laughing helps

When I am really hurting and life seems a pit, I've found that if I can think back on humorous situations in my life and laugh out loud about them, it helps my attitude toward my pain.

At one of our face to face Fibromyalgia meetings, one of the attendee's found things to make us laugh. Leaders were in on it and so we belly laughed. Soon everyone was really laughing and there was a new feeling in the air.

You might find a funny movie that can make you laugh. Perhaps it's joke web pages you read that starts the laughter. Playing with your pet and laughing at their antic's can change your attitude.

Call a friend that can get you laughing, tell them you need cheered up. Maybe it will be "Remember the time, we" or "I've got to tell you the story about"

We once had a gal coming to the meetings. Lovey was in pain so much of the time but she always had us in stitches. She wrote about her Fibromyalgia experiences but found the humor lurking behind the situation. She would read these writings to us and we'd laugh and laugh. One experience was about trying to get out of the bathtub. She turned a painful situation into the funniest thing you ever heard. I miss Lovey, think I will give her a call.

When in pain, it is easy to get into pity parties and slide around the top of the pity pot. But we sure don't want to fall in to it. Remember, if it is to be it's up to me.

I'd love to hear about some of your "being able to laugh about" experiences with fibro. Fibromyalgia isn't fun and the pain is real but we can do things to help us get through the ugly pain days.

Have a great weekend, hopefully pain free.


Carmen said...

Hi Carol, I think I'm gonna nominate you the fibro angel, whatcha think? Great info, I've found on days I'm upbeat and in a good mood, pain seems to be not as noticable, do you think there is some mind-body thing going on? I've noticed in past highly stressful times the pain gets almost unbearable so stress level seems to play a big part. If so, we just all need to find a way to be CONSTANTLY happy, lol!!!!

Country Whispers said...

I agree with Carmen.
I notice the pain seems so much more tolerable when I am happy or doing something that I like. It's still there but so much easier to deal with. We just need a constant source of happiness 24 hours a day I guess. I find for myself, the level of stress in a day really makes a difference. So I am trying hard to destress and as Carol has said before, trying not to do EVERYTHING in one day. However, that is hard to do when you have done it that way for years.