Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yesterday was my face to face Fibromyalgia Support Meeting. I lead the group but have 8 wonderful ladies who help out at the meetings. I could not do it alone.

If anyone wishes to start a Support Group, feel free to e-mail me for suggestions or help.

We had 23 people come to the meeting. Some were hurting, some were not. I think that without question they felt better emotionally when they left. Why? Because the meeting is always uplifting and fun. We laugh together, visit together and sometimes hurt together. That's support. Positive support with a hug, a smile and fun time can make a big difference.

One of the things we talked about was living in the now, TODAY. Not yesterday or tomorrow (neither are here) and we only have today. Getting up in the morning, planning our day and asking ourselves what we can do to work with, not against, our bodies. Pacing, planning, stretching, accomplishing something we can be pleased about... it might only be a day we get the floor swept, the kitchen counters washed off well, straightening up one room. But the way you worked with it and not against is by pacing. Do for 20 minutes, rest for 10. The pain seems to let up, we re-energize and can do something else.

Do something for someone else... a phone call to a sick or down person, write a card and mail it on the same day (grin- you know what I'm talking about) to someone who could use cheering up, if you feel well enough, go and visit with a shut in..

Always do something nice for yourself in your day. Try a different flavor of tea.... a soak in the tub... read a book (watch your posture)....take a walk in the fresh air enjoying nature. You all know more things you can do for yourself.

Have a great time living for TODAY and remember to PACE YOURSELF.


God's Girl said...

Oh how I really need to be reminded of pacing myself. I really appreciate your blog - so very much. Thank you for your encouragement and tips.

Blessings to you friend!


Carol said...

Welcome to my blog, Country Whispers, God's Girl and Carmen

Carmen said...

What great tips, I too have a hard time sometimes with the pacing, like my bathroom remodel i'm in the middle of! I used the paint roller yesterday and felt like my arm would fall off, luckily I was able to rest afterwards. Have a great day!!!!